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Soar Skills Scheme

Diverse Skills, One Goal!

30 ICT courses & 100 Non-ICT vocations
Job placement and startup capital for successful participants

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Get Trained, Get Empowered

The Soar Skill Scheme (3S)

Soar Skills Scheme is an initiative of Fizcos Infotech Solutions where we concentrate on human capacity development by ensuring that people acquire practical skills that empower them to become a productive member of the larger society and teaching them to take advantage of modern technology in deployment of legitimate services which enables them to engage others in similar profitable activities that evolve their environment into a better world.

Get Started as a Trainee… (3S)

How to start;
Join Soar Skills Scheme as a fresh trainee or returning trainee, It doesn’t matter if you have other vocation or not, the scheme provides a platform for everyone that is interested in learning new skills. outstanding graduates of the scheme are given automatic employment and encouraged with start up capital
Who qualifies?
Anyone that desire to step up by acquiring new skill(s), must be able to read and write in simple English.
For How Long?
The duration of the program varies according to the curriculum and dept of the program. minimum is 2weeks

Become a Trainer (3S Vendors)

How it works;
Register your organization and join thousands of other organization that are participating in our program. Your organization will be given publicity by enjoying free advertisement on our website and locations nationwide. while you offer your training at a subsidized fee, you automatically become sign on to our free tech tip to boost your organization
What are the Benefits?
Your Organization will enjoy economic growth by the income that will be generated from the fees. You will also enjoy access to loans and grants under our “Business Revitalization Program”

Courses / Vocation List

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